How often are we taught to understand ourselves as a woman? 

Not often right?!

And yet it drives so much of how we are in the world and it also impacts so much for us.

Barefoot Business Queens Guide To Sacred Womb Coding was created to support you to dive-deep into your cycle and help you to better understand yourself and the amazing woman that you are.

Through this guide you will learn:

👑 How to UNDERSTAND your cycle
👑 The phases we go through each month
👑 What these phases can be like for us
👑 AND how to actually chart your cycle 

When we understand ourselves and our cycle we are able to step into more beautiful relationships, create more abundance in our lives & live more of a full body yes life.

Ready to claim all of that and dive deeper into your essence amazing woman?
click the link below to access your 
free sacred womb coding booklet

Hi beautiful woman ❤️

I'm Allie, Leading Self-Love, Mindset & Abundance Queen, with a passion for empowering women to RISE fully into their power, create the IMPACT & WEALTH they desire, FALL MADLY DEEPLY IN LOVE with who they are and UnManuf👑ckture themselves. 

I support women to unleash their spirit so that they can connect to their truth, create the relationships they desire and open up to a life filled with happiness, wealth and abundance. 

What this ACTUALLY means is that I support you to live an extraordinary kick-ass life...
 on YOUR terms.